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Which social media is best for your business?

When it comes to marketing your business, utilising social media platforms is a MUST.  Social Media platforms host billions of users a day from all over the world, meaning you can reach millions of people all over the world at the press of a button. Each platform has it’s own strength so it is imperative that you understand these strengths to better improve your marketing strategy.

B2B = Business to Business
B2C = Business to Consumer



  • Pretty even B2B & B2C
  • Ideal Target Market: 24 – 44
  • Especially powerful for hospitality industry with check in functionality
  • Text, Images, Videos

When it comes to marketing on Social Media, most businesses have an active Facebook page. With nearly 3 billion active users a month, their age demographic ranges from people aged 13 to people aged over 65, making Facebook one of if not the BEST platform for advertising on social media. But like every other platform, certain industries and companies will benefit more than others based on demographics.

Who benefits from Facebook marketing?

Companies looking to do consumer marketing as well as business to business marketing are both going to benefit fairly equally from Facebook but those with a core age demographic of 24 to 44 are going to benefit the most. If you are looking to run targeted advertisements than Facebook is a MUST use as they have the best targeted advertising out of all Social Media platforms.

Facebook Analysis

No matter the industry you’re in, the size of your business or your advertising budget, Facebook is a highly recommended platform for advertising your business. Having one of the highest user counts of any Social Media platform your marketing reach is far higher than what is available on other platforms.


  • Best for B2C
  • Ideal Target Market: 18 – 44
  • Less effective for 50+
  • Images, Videos, Reels (short videos)

No matter the industry you are in, Instagram will always be one of the best options when it comes to Social Media marketing. From their 9.7 billion user count to their incredible discoverability algorithm it’s hard to tell anyone that they shouldn’t use Instagram. With that being said, certain businesses will benefit from Instagram far more than others.

Who benefits from Instagram marketing?

Companies looking to do direct consumer marketing are going to see far greater success with their click through rate than businesses doing B2B marketing. Now this isn’t saying business to business marketing isn’t going to see success on Instagram, it just won’t see as much success as direct consumer marketing. Your company’s core age demographic will also play an affect as people aged between 18 and 44 make up 45% of Instagram’s users.

Who shouldn’t market on Instagram?

If your company’s core age demographic is people over 50 than you should look at marketing on other platforms whose user demographic is people more suited to that age group over marketing on Instagram. Instagram will still be beneficial to have but your focus should be on platforms better suited for your demographic.


  • Best for B2C
  • Ideal Target Market: 13 – 29
  • Only video

The newest Social Media platform to enter the marketing world. Boasting over one billion active users a month, with 90% of those users accessing the platform daily. Additionally, TikTok has the most beneficial discoverability algorithm when compared to other Social Media Platforms which makes it easy for your company to gain traction on the site leading to more sales.

How long can a TikTik video be?
Recently TikTok has increased their 3 minute video limit to 10 minutes.

Who benefits from TikTok marketing?

Companies whose core age demographic falls somewhere between 13-29 year-olds are the main company’s that will benefit from marketing on TikTok as over 60% of their users are under 29.

Who shouldn’t market on TikTok?

Although demographics play a large part in Social Media marketing, on TikTok it’s mainly based on the content that you post. The more eye catching the content is the better the algorithm will treat your post. So, if short form video content isn’t your forte, you should consider marketing on a different platform or engage a professional.


  • Best for B2C
  • Ideal Target Market: 24 – 34
  • Mulitple-level interaction with consumers
  • Text, Image, Video

When it comes to marketing through Social Media, it’s easy to look past Twitter but it is actually one of the more preferred platforms for advertising. This is because Twitter is the number one ranked platform for brand interaction. The platform has a large age demographic with most of their users being between the ages of 16-55 but is most popular between people aged 25-34.

Who benefits from Twitter Marketing?

There is no doubt that every business would benefit from marketing on twitter, between the large user base, their targeted advertising resources and the ability to interact with your consumers easily.

Who shouldn’t market on Twitter?

Although everyone would benefit from marketing on Twitter, it doesn’t mean that it is the best choice for every business. If your core age demographic isn’t between 25 and 34 then you should look at prioritising other platforms over twitter. 


  • Best for B2B
  • Text, Image, Video

LinkedIn can easily be overlooked when marketing on Social Media as it has a smaller active user count than other platforms (310 million a month) but it actually has one of the most lucrative audiences. Other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, are crowded by people who just want to connect with their family/friends or watch entertaining videos, whereas LinkedIn is full of people wanting to connect with other like minded business people to learn more about their industry.

Who benefits from LinkedIn marketing

Any company looking to do B2B marketing or build better business relations will benefit majorly from using LinkedIn, as most company CEO’s use LinkedIn more than any other Social Media platform.

Who shouldn’t market on LinkedIn?

If your company is primarily focused on B2C marketing then it would be more beneficial for you to focus on other platforms that are more suited for B2C.


Marketing your company on social media can not only be tricky but can also be very time consuming. Between choosing the platforms that are best for your needs and creating different content for your profiles, it can take valuable time away from your company.

This is why Actual Marketing offers a social media service, to get value out of social media platforms and give you that valuable time back.