search engine optimisation seo sunshine coast
search engine optimisation seo sunshine coast

Sunshine Coast SEO

When it comes to digitally marketing your business, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of, if not the most important. Having a website is one thing, but there is little point if your site is not ranking highly on search engines such as Google, Safari and Bing.

As a savvy business owner, if you are not focused on SEO you’ll be falling behind, as your competitors will be. It is essential to put focus on organic search rankings, so you can do to maintain and grow your business.

Search Engine Optimisation Sunshine Coast

Actual Marketing is a dedicated Digital Marketing specialist, working with small to medium sized businesses to improve their online reach through SEO. We work with you one on one, giving personal and professional SEO services to drive long-term results for your business.

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If you are looking to feature higher on Google and get more conversions from your website, we can help.


    Why SEO outranks all other advertising

    Ask any marketing expert – SEO will promote your business to a massive audience. It is estimated Google processes over 70,000 search queries every second (that’s 5.8 billion searches per day!). Having your website rank highly on Google is a no-brainer for any business.

    You can advertise your website on Google, however you are competing for ‘top spot’ whilst paying for the privilege. More importantly, online consumers are predominantly focused on organically ranked websites. In fact, SEO now produces five times more results than paid Google advertising.

    What we do as SEO Digital Marketing experts

    Ranking highly on search engines is not something that happens overnight. Once you have a website launched it doesn’t magically appear on page 1 of Google. It takes time, hard work, and a dedicated SEO professional to get you there through a series of tried and tested methods.

    At Actual Marketing, our digital marketing professionals adapt a holistic approach to drive results through SEO. High rankings depend on a number of factors, and with Google’s algorithms constantly changing, our approach to SEO evolves on a regular basis.

    Our key Search Engine Optimisation Services:

    Sunshine Coast SEO Techniques

    UX (User Experience)

    We evaluate and remedy your website, making sure it is clear, concise and easy to navigate. It should be well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, with a clean consumer focused site map. Having the correct page names, titles and tags allow users and search engines to find your site more easily. In addition, site and page speed is also a factor in optimisation, providing a better customer experience and allowing for more conversions.

    Great Copywriting

    Quality content on your web pages will allow your website to rank higher. Content should be optimised by using relevant long tail key words (phrases searched by your target audience). In addition, relatable and consumer focused content will engage your audience and decrease your bounce rate. SEO focused content should also be extended to regular blogs and social media posts.

    Back links

    Also known as inbound links, contribute to your websites position in search engines SEO algorithm. Plus these are also  used to drive people to your website by linking through other marketing sources such as websites and social media.

    A/B Testing

    Or split testing, is used to compare and measure the difference in performance of two versions (A/B) of your digital marketing to determine which variation performs better for SEO, Engagement and Goals Conversions.

    Sunshine Coast SEO - website search engine optimisation

    SERP Analysis

    Analysing Search Engine Results Pages is an important part of SEO. We use SERP to research and analyse the best performing keywords that will bring you results, as well as the placement of your digital marketing compared to your competitors.

    Detailed reports

    Our detailed reports will determine how your SEO is tracking. It’s an on-going process that can be measured through Analytics (CTRs, Bounce Rates etc). This data is used for ongoing marketing to ensure you get the best results.

    Local SEO

    If your business is focused on customers who live in a particular area rather than nationally or internationally, we can include geographical pinpoints and ensure you have a listing on Google My Business.